Are you in need of inspiration? Find out which Instagram accounts have caught our eye this week.


We hardly know anything about Instagramer Baitoma. Only that she travels between Madrid and London. She stages human bodies with humour and originality. Private and public scenes blend together in a comic and delicate voyeurism. A unique account lit by warm rays of sunshine.

© baitoma / Instagram


“I take pictures”, a loud and clear message introducing Chiara Bonnetti’s Instagram. The young woman works as a photographer in Berlin. Her pictures, mostly portraits, alternate between fashion and street photography. Sensual or bizarre, they are all intriguing.

© Chiara Bonetti / Instagram


Lauren Zaknoun is a multitalented artist, based in the south of New England. Her Instagram account collect some of her surrealist portraits. Pictures that blur the lines of identity and reality, inviting you to a sweet escape. A photographer you should follow closely.

© Lauren Zaknoun / Instagram


The mysterious Maru Kuleshova is a Russian photographer and film director. There is little information on his Instagram, but the pictures are enough to immerse us into a fascinating story. Tender, his images illustrate sometimes a quest for freedom, sometimes of wish for intimacy.

© Maru Kuleshova / Instagram


Timo Lieber is a London based photographer who likes to watch the world from above and look beyond the obvious. Samples of his work can be found on his account, exploring the interaction between mankind and nature. The journey he embarks on is equally environmental and minimal.

© Timo Lieber / Instagram


“I try to be a good story-teller”, writes Phuong Tran, Saigon based photographer. His street pictures, between minimalism and rush, nature and crowded places, take us on a tour of a stimulating city, built on contradictions. An intimate, yet exotic journey.

© Phuong Tran / Instagram


Welcome to the nocturnal world of Pierre Putman. The Belgian photographer’s dark and splendid images guide us into the blackest of nights. There, the streetlights become magical and reveal a silent, irresistibly appealing world.

© Pierre Putman / Instagram