Are you in need of inspiration? Find out which Instagram accounts have caught our eye this week.


Tomislav Grzunov is a discrete Instagramer. According to him, architecture cannot exist without colours! The mysterious and symmetrical world we discover here is harmonious as well. A great geometrical prowess.

© Tomislav Grzunov / Instagram


Here is an account dedicated to light. Francesco Sambati is a self-taught photographer using iPhones, instant and digital cameras. His pictures, though quite simple, are full of singularities and unpredictability.

© Francesco Sambati / Instagram


‘I am just trying to make my mama proud’, Bryan Atkinson wrote on his Instagram account. His other mission? Trying to display an honest and alternate vision of the world surrounding us. Born in Kansas City, the photographer wanders the streets of the city to capture the beauty of his environment.

© Bryan Atkinson / Instagram


Photographer Al Mefer, based in Alicante, Spain, likes the supernatural. His landscape pictures are tainted with strange, unreal colours. His captions guide us into a fantastic world, inspired by mythology and science-fiction. An Instagram U.F.O.

© Al Mefer / Instagram


Dissociated. This is how Miguel Urbaneja, Spanish photographer based in Reykjavik, defines himself. In his photos, the cold beauty of Island is enhanced, filled with a sweet melancholy. Men are isolated, stubbornly gazing at the horizon. ‘They are constants in my life here, and I try to evoke those feelings through my work’, the photographer explains.

© Miguel Urbaneja / Instagram


Travel pictures and intimate portraits… Leo Berne ‘poetises the past’. His photographs – either spontaneous or staged – try to freeze memories. There is a certain nostalgia coming out of his pensive portraits. A beautiful and bittersweet account.

© Leo Berne / Instagram