Are you in need of inspiration? Find out which Instagram accounts have caught our eye this week.


The French photographer Sarah Blard is a dreamer. Her images, a mix of film and digital, explore her imagination, in mysterious and wonderful settings. The landscapes she photographs seem to come from a fantasy world, filled with strange colours. A soothing journey.

© Sarah Blar / Instagram


Tim Wilson welcomes us into his world. An intimate and intriguing world, where childhood dreams cohabit with the concerns of adulthood. Landscapes are strange and dark. Portraits seem contemplative. A touching introspection we want to scroll through.


© Tim Wilson / Instagram


The pastel photographs of Marietta Varga are tainted with nostalgia. Pale buildings, minimal portraits, and rosy interiors, the images seem to come from the past. Softness emanates from her creations, along with a kind of childish joy. A delicate account.

© Marietta Varga / Instagram


Film director and photographer, Mike Bove is a ‘flavour seeker’. His dark and intense pictures illustrate cities lost in fog and darkness. Among the cold, troubling tones, warm colours catch our eye, like comforting beacons in a beautifully bleak world.

© Mike Bove / Instagram


It is the night that inspires Mia Novakova. While scrolling down her Instagram account, twilight takes over, carrying us into a mysterious universe. Buildings seem threatening and silhouettes enigmatic. A world lit by neons, whose atmosphere resembles Blade Runner’s.

© Mia Novakova / Instagram


The Mexican photographer Tania Franco Klein is intriguing. Her sometimes improvised, sometimes staged pictures illustrate our obsessions, our addiction to screens, our superficiality, with a dark humour. An ironic and fascinating portrait of our society.

© Tania Franco Klein / Instagram