Are you in need of inspiration? Find out which Instagram accounts have caught our eye this week.


The account that attracts all sensitive travelers. Paul Hoi delivers there a beautiful reflection on life, photographing in the desert, the perfect place for anyone who wishes to re energise and learn humility.

© Paul Hoi / Instagram


Another photographer who likes to play with borders. We only know a few things about Joe Hermer, but we do know that his Polaroid pictures are mesmerising. The world he depicts (Toronto, mostly), is filled with magic and tenderness.

© Joe Hermer / Instagram


Ben Ward has plenty of talent to spare. A car lost in the dark, a mysterious portrait… his pictures can be read as fictions in which you are the protagonist. Those beautiful settings will satisfy your thirst for fantasy.

© Ben Ward / Instagram


Nick Kempton, also known as nickjaykdesign, is a 3D artist living and working in Ohio (United States). He already owns a software development corporation but has now decided to focus on his two passions : digital art and design. Welcome to an impressive surrealist universe !

© Nick Kempton / Instagram


Three things form the life of Petteri Lappalainen : filming, photographing and biking. Fascinated by the cinema, the Finnish artist dreams of his first film. If you scroll through his Instagram account, you will indeed find very promising drafts of scripts…

© Petteri Lappalainen / Instagram


Here is Stanisław Horodecki, a young photographer using both numeric and silver halide photography. His dark and intenses pictures take us into a deep mystery we might never want to get ouf of. Definitely keep an eye on that one.

© Stanisław Horodecki / Instagram

Image d’ouverture © Ben Ward / Instagram