In need of some inspiration? Discover our weekly selection of Instagram accounts that have caught our eye.


Ray Rogers captures each of her subjects in feel-good frames. Also practicing poetry, this multi-talented artist adds her own lyricism into her photos, creating dreamy scenes. Fearless adventures in sunny settings, these photos are a treat for the eye.

©Ray Rogers / Instagram


Unique in style, Wendy Morgan transports us back in time. Finding ourselves in a 70’s inspired account, ranging from diners, hot pink stilettos and disco balls. This photographer creates surreal scenery, inviting us into her quirky world covered in glitter and sequins. 

 © Wendy Morgan


Charlotte Patmore is an emerging photographer radiating colours as bright as the future she has ahead of her. Focusing on the music world, you may see the likes of King Krule, Kate Nash and Earl Sweatshirt to name a few.

© Charlotte Patmore / Instagram


Lena can be seen to use her camera as an essentiel accessory. Following her wherever she goes, her lens acts as a bridge to get to know this young photographer. Attracted to nature, friends and quaint little discoveries her account is packed with gems.

©  Lena Kanshyna  / Instagram


Zhenya Tyshchuk uses photography to understand the link between space and culture. Documenting her surroundings, architecture can be seen to be one of her preoccupations. Understanding form, lines she shoots buildings incredible facades.


© Zhenya Tyshchuk / Instagram


Franco Caligiuri Paolino is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In his life, there is music and photography, two disciplines that allow him to explore the world. Among all his landscape shots, discreet models sometimes appear, arousing our curiosity. We then let our imagination run wild to unravel the mystery. Here is a young and inspiring account!

© Franco Caligiuri Paolino / Instagram