In need of some inspiration? Discover our weekly selection of Instagram accounts that have caught our eye.

Karla Reads Instagram account is about as delicate as a piece of lace. From tender, soft bodies, this young Dominican photographer focuses on physique and frames. The whole account creates a puzzle of limbs intertwining, highlighting the beauty of our natural bodies. This account is perfect to vision the human anatomy accompanied through soft tones.

© Karla Read / Instagram


Nathan Schmidt documents desolate areas of America. From architecture to more intimate details, this photographer documents an American lifestyle through stunning individual frames and mini series. Between 35mm, 120 and digital photography, this man of many talents is not shy to these forms.

© Nathan Schmidt / Instagram


This mysterious Instagrammer has defined his own definition of travelling photography. Stefan Movel focuses on minimalist frames, following his personal journeys. He has a defined eye which merges from one destination to another. We follow movel and his travelling soul around the globe, awaiting for his next visual delicacy.

© Stefan Movel / Instagram


Jenny Woods doesn’t think, she feels. This self-taught photographer of 25 is currently based in Brooklyn. During her childhood, her camera was her best friend. Here, she captures her everyday life with a certain boldness.

© Jenny Woods / Instagram


This photographer switches between fashion, travel and quirky photographs. Uruguay-born, Argentina-based photographer JP Bonino focuses on exquisite surroundings which he adds a pinch of his own individuality. Bold colours accompany the photographer creating each image into a statement. Photos seem to be an outlet in which creativity seeps out of this artist.

© jp_bonino / Instagram


Apart from his obvious interest in nature, we know very little about Zachary Snellenberger. When he isn’t photographing his friends, he shows us beautiful and soft landscapes. Here is an account that will know how to inspire the photographers in search of adventures (and green countryside).

© Zachary Snellenberger / Instagram