In need of some inspiration ? Discover our weekly selection of Instagram accounts that have caught our eye.


Viktória Kollerová sweeps us into a world of black and white where nature and bodies merge into one. This photographer shares her staged photos and poetical self-portraits. We invite you to discover the work of this women eager to disappear into her images.

© Viktória Kollerová / Instagram


Not much is given away from this instagrammer, an account that radiates mystery and beauty. One thing that does stand out is their passion for adventure and nature. Stunning photos taken from their series The Wilderness allows us to get one step closer to this artists photographic eye. Between Forest, sea and fields: an invitation to discover vaste empty lands and unwind.

© Coşkun Meray / Instagram


Alp Peker is a  young photographer lives in a world of vibrancy and laughter. He captures each warming emotion of his subjects. Primary colours burst out of these frames, adding extra life into his world while this photographer searches for the childish and the absurd. These images know how to brighten our day.

© Alp peker / Instagram


While wandering through Patrick McCormack’s Instagram account, we can sense his cinematic inspirations. Based in Burlington, the largest town in the state of Vermont, America, it is in 35mm that he shoots his surroundings.

© Patrick McCormack / Instagram


A car is not simply something to get from one place to another but a statement of identity, a commentary on not just who you are but who you aspire to be“. This account gathers the remarkable frames by Simon Davidson, a photographer that documents car races, notably in the salt desert (Bonneville, Salt Flats) in Utah.

© Simon Davidson / Instagram


Welcome to the sombre world of Taysa Jorge, a Spanish photographer originating from the Canary Islands. Their motto? “Come out of the masses. Stand alone like a lion and live your life according to your own light”. This is an account we are happy to have come across.

© Taysa Jorge / Instagram