In need of some inspiration ? Discover our weekly selection of Instagram accounts that have caught our eye.


It was less than an month ago that Romain Bagnard created his Instagram account. Here, we discover a unique universe, both dark and intense. These portraits by the french photographer from Lyon captivate as much as they intrigue.

© Romain Bagnard / Instagram


Laurent and photography is a very natural pairing. It was early on when he considered himself not photogenic, ‘I decided to put myself behind the lense‘, says the photographer. Based in Paris, it is with his numerous adventures which allows him to bring us photos always well structured. Most of all, we are astounded by his talent of playing with light.

© Laurent Laporte / Instagram


These images seem as if they have emerged from a suburban myth. Such as scenes from a thriller, these eerie settings with subjects entranced are a gift to the eye feeding our curiosity. Here, a selection Bruce Andersen’s photographs know nonetheless how to intrigue, entertain and make us want more.

© Bruce Andersen / Instagram


Marina Choy likes art and travelling. For this photographer the body is a tool of self-expression. With this, unwinds a narration of sensuality, and poetry. Here is an account we are glad we didn’t miss !

© Marina Choy / Instagram


Drake Alexander is a fashion photographer. His subjects incorporate grace and bewilderment, living in the moment. From a vaste selection of subjects, this photographer concentrates on creating flawless scenes allowing us to feel as if we are trespassing on moments of personal intimacy, predominantly concentrating through the theme of girlhood.

© Drake Alexander / Instagram


Varying in different hues and contrasts Gonorroa knows how to focus on colours and settings. Within Exquisite settings, Gonorroa transports us with him through his travels, stopping off to mark his territory, painting the globe with his eyes. Here, shapes and forms come together to give a distinct personality to each destination visited.

© gonorroa / Instagram