In need of some inspiration ? Discover our weekly selection of Instagram accounts that have caught our eye.


It is in the great outdoors that Jason Hermens chose to practice his analogue photography skills. In love with large landscapes, it is with great skill that he plays with subjects and depth. Painting or idyllic setting ? The border is sometimes slim, but always sublime.

© Jason Hermens / Instagram


Behind this Instagram account is Iriann Freemantle, a young woman living somwhere between Germany and South Africa. Her account is more than a travel journal. By being passionate by images, she is passionate by sociology. Here, two worlds collide and become harmonized.

© Iriann Freemantle / Instagram


Here’s an account exploring experimental analogue photography. With our without her model, Kelsey Moore is like a magnet to nature and it’s delicate landscapes.

© Kelsey Moore / Instagram


Here is an account we are happy to have discovered ! Anne Locquen has forged a world around autoportraits and Polaroid pictures. She plays with her reflection as well as her body. It’s simple, delicate and inspiring.

© Anne Locquen / Instagram


Aaron Wynia lives and works in Toronto, Canada. His account unveils his different photographic interests : he works with portraits like he does collages. But most of all, he has a watchful eye. He knows how to form and sculpte his images.

© Aaron Wynia / Instagram


Trevor is a photographer based in New York. While scrolling through his Instagram, we realize his particular interest for photographing at night. Far from horror films, this darkness that he captures comes with a comfort.

© Trevor / Instagram