Bizarre or trending subjects, catch a break with our curiosity of the week. Visual artist Paul Hoi publishes new 3D creations on his Instagram every week. Artworks that are as fabulous as they are terrifying.

“I became interested in 3D because I wanted to create imaginary landscapes. That route has taken a bunch of exploratory turns based on my other interests in science-fiction, interior design and architecture” says Paul Hoi. The American experimental photographer, has recently embarked on digital production. A way for him to quench his thirst for discovery. “I try to travel to see new things whenever possible.  I’ve spent a lot of time running around with a camera, and I think those photo trips have transformed my visual vocabulary completely,”  he says.

The artist publishes a fantastic visual journal on his Instagram. Ghostly cities, space travel, and theatrical stagings follow one another, inviting the viewer to immerse himself in a world as marvellous as it is dystopian. At the heart of his creations, nature appears here and there, controlled by man, and gigantic skyscrapers camouflage the horizon. “I am inspired by what I see around me. Architecture is interesting to me, it’s almost like an index of our relationship with our environment.” adds Paul Hoi.

An astronaut lost in an abstract landscape, synthetic mountain ranges, flames that have become clouds… In the photographer’s designs, the wild world and its original splendour have been replaced by human inventions. Faced with these simulations, doubt emerges. Are we observing a dreamlike universe, fashioned by Man to pay homage to the wonders of our planet? Or have we travelled into a nightmarish future, faced with the last existing terrestrial reproductions? Without providing an answer, the author pursues his stylistic exercises and delivers, every week on his account, a new post-apocalyptic tale.

© Paul Hoi