Bizarre or trending subjects? Catch a break with our curiosity of the week. We never tire of seing their little faces on the Web, discover Julia Christe’s Flying Cats. A break that will give you wings!

“Cats, like people, have at their disposal a great range of expressions”, Julia Christe, a 45 year old German studio and animal photographer tells us. In 2011 she published her series Flying Dogs, which developed into a book. “The project had great reviews, especially on social media. Flying Cats is the logical sequel to this first book”. Published by Knesebeck, this volume 2 has been available since August, 16th.

Let the animal the animal rights advocates be reassured, the photoshoot was respectful of the kitties. “No trampoline were used. The cats, selected in a cat casting, were dropped at the safest distance possible to take a pictures, that is to say a few centimetres”, the photographer adds. In the process, she transformed her models into adorable subjects. “I like watching them express their happiness. Sometimes they are even funny. I also like putting everything in the right place, on a picture”. A making of the photoshoot was even captured, revealing how the furry balls were treated. On it, we catch a glimpse of the studio and its installations. “I used a rapid flash and a well furnished studio. The quick movements of the flying cats needed a particular light set”, the photographer adds. Besides the camera – taking ten pictures a sec – the photoshoot’s success depends on the feline’s will – in other terms, chance. Find more information on the book there.


© Julia Christe