Bizarre or trending subjects? Catch a break with our curiosity of the week. Shooting only with her iPhone, photographer Dina Alfasi spends her commute secretly capturing the passengers around her.

Israeli photographer and engineer Dina Alfasi captures the world with her iPhone. She was one of the winners of the Shot on iPhone appel awards, in February 2019, and her poetic portraits caught the attention of the jury. “I try to photograph human moments and convey feelings and thoughts without words”, she tells us. Dina Alfasi spend two hours every day commuting to her workplace. A daily routine she has turned into an artistic journey. “At first I took pictures just to pass the time… and then slowly I realised that I was in a “mobile studio” with great lighting and interesting subjects to capture”, the photographer tells us.

Both young and old, Dina Alfasi’s models portray the diversity of Israel. All from different origins, the travelers seem to look alike. Lost in thoughts, they look at the landscapes through the window, letting their minds wander away from the wagon. “The more I took pictures with my iPhone, the more I noticed that I was able to capture more authentic and meaningful frames”, the artist adds.

Discrete, she shoots the passengers in secret. “With time and experience, I learned how to do it secretly and without attracting attention”, she says. Though the pictures illustrate an ordinary setting, known by everyone, the passengers’ expression invite the imaginary into everyday life. “My work is a testament to telling stories through a single photograph and proof that all you need is just to look around and find those magic moments”, Dina Alfasi concludes. A sparkling series, transforming our vision of commute.

© Dina Alfasi