Bizarre or trending subjects? Catch a break with our curiosity of the week. Visual artist Cecilia Paredes blends herself in a flowery and colourful universe. A setting hiding an environmental struggle…

Cecilia Paredes is a visual artist using photography to stage her sculptures, installations and performances. Her poetic creations draw inspiration from nature and femininity. The artist currently lives between Philadelphia and Lima, her nomadic existence thus influencing her compositions. “I call this going hunting”, she tells us. “I sometimes find a match to an idea I had, but I may also find an object that has potential, and let ideas emerge”.

Lost in an artificial world

Although Cecilia Paredes usually represents nature in her images, the series she shared with us was captures inside. In an artificial environment, the artist blends in the walls. The same patterns decorate both her body and the tapestries. Flowers, often exotic, evoke a stereotyped vision of Latin American, her birth continent.  The setting, a true protagonist of the fiction seems to absorb her, to erase her identity.

As an environmental activist, Cecilia Paredes participated, in 2008, in a seminar at the United Nations, called “Art changing attitudes towards the environment”. Light in appearance, the artist’s photographic creations highlight a society snatched by globalization, lost in a fake world. A poetic and committed project.

© Cecilia Paredes