Bizarre or trending subjects? Catch a break with our curiosity. Swiss photographer Sebastian Magnani imagined the daily adventures of a superhero: Batman. An everyday life strangely ordinary.

Portraitist and visual artist Sebastian Magnani, based in Zurich, has produced several commissions for journals and magazines, such as The Telegraph, or The Guardian. Between two jobs, the photographer builds personal projects, mixing imagination, humour and poetry. “I am a big fan of light and nature, the artist tells us. I like to observe humans interact with their environment”.

The concept behind Daily Batman was born as the photographer was trying to pick his favourite super hero. “I like the fact that Batman doesn’t have any superpower. He is only human and trying always to help other people”, Sebastian Magnani adds. After drawing several sketches, the photographer bought a costume, watched all the movies dedicated to Bruce Wayne, and strode across Zurick, looking for nice places for future photoshoots. “This was an amazing experience, and I can’t wait to continue the project – even though the model had a rash after wearing the mask for so many hours!”, the artist says.

A Pop coloured Batman

Fascinated by mysterious characters, Sebastian Magnani naturally turned to this tortured super hero. Yet, the pop coloured pictures seem more influenced by early Batman, created for DC Comics by American writer and artist Bob Kane. A bright character, who enhances the captured scenes’ absurdity. “I wanted to highlight this hero’s loneliness. Why doesn’t he have any friends? What does he do, during his spare time?”, asks the author, who carefully crafted several settings, to highlight the photo project’s comic dimension. “And I currently have a list of around 30 more ideas”, he adds.

Sublimated by a dynamic set, and inspired by the comics aesthetics, Sebastian Magnani’s Batman plays with colours and actions, and unveils a surreal universe. An ordinary everyday life questioning the strangeness of our own existence.

© Sebastian Magnani