Bizarre or trending subjects? Catch a break with our curiosity of the week. Signe Emma, a 36-year-old visual artist located in Copenhagen, does not hesitate to blur the boundaries between realism and surrealism. Her series In The Flesh makes it evident.

After graduating in visual communication from Kingston University and the Royal College of Art, in the UK, Signe Emma went back to her hometown Copenhagen, Denmark, to work as self-employed. Her series In The Flesh, of artificial appearance and inspired by 3D, illustrates her fascination for this digital aesthetic.

Fascinated by staging, the artist is also influenced by surrealism and still life paintings. Intriguing fictional narratives around each work ensue. “My work is inspired by the surrealist movement. A dream, an illusion, I like to study how our minds are capable of grasping those and merging them with the objects around us”, the author explains. Signe Emma does not cease to experiment. She combines and juxtaposes 3D creations with daily life objects.

An obsession for materiality

The series In The Flesh blossomed with the collaboration of Theodoulos Polyviou, another artist based in London. Together, they wanted to study the human body through the 8th art and the use of 3D software. A way to question the goals of perfection and Man’s obsession for materiality. “The dissected human body becomes unreliable, the context unexpected and the experiments absurd and entertaining”, the artist tells us. Plastic bag full of fingers, jaw drowning at the bottom of a glass of water, fragmented face… Their stagings disturb the viewer and induce a reflection on the notion of beauty.

© Signe Emma with the collaboration of Theodoulos Polyviou