Bizarre or trending subjects? Catch a break with our curiosity of the week. The photographer Rob Woodcox stages bodies in a surreal manner. A spectacular and committed work.

“I aim to create dreams within reality”, Rob Woodcox states. This 29-year-old American photographer has always been attracted to art. “When I was younger, everyone around me was pushing me to pursue a lucrative career, but I always preferred to paint and draw”, he tells us. The artist is inspired by his own imagination to produce fantastic works. “I think that sharing our stories and visions are the best way to connect to other people, which is what I try to do through my photographs”, he explains.

Terrified by the political turnabouts happening around the world, Rob Woodcox found refuge in the 8th art to express his reaction. “I realised that the world was falling apart. My group photos were an immediate response to this trauma I was feeling. I believe that the concept of an honest, supportive community is the cure for much of the world’s woes”, the photographer says.

Together, people are stronger

A conviction that makes his photographic project come alive. In his pictures, humans support each other — in a literal sense — and form gorgeous dance figures. The message behind it is simple: together, people are stronger. “Every scene you witness in my photographs is a real place, the author explains. People always ask if I shot on a green screen, but the answer is no: I was crazy enough to hike to these locations with all of my models and  equipment!” A teamwork that creates deep connections between everyone involved.

Influenced by surrealist artists such as René Magritte, Tim Walker or even Frida Khalo, Rod Woodcox produces absurd and dreamlike images, transforming bodies into aesthetic objects. “Everyone sees the world differently. I do my best to allow my imagination to walk freely within my photographs, without fear of judgement”, the photographer concludes. A project as spectacular as it is humanistic.

© Rob Woodcox