Bizarre or trending subjects? Catch a break with our curiosity of the week. What would become without media and social networks? In a sterilised setting, Pamela Chemla questions our hyper connectivity.

Pamela Chemla is a 28-year-old photographer based in France, who fell in love with photography during a trip in Amazonia. “This vast natural landscape enabled me to reconnect with my own self”, she tells us. Through her series, this former artistic director explores “our ability to see things differently. By playing with pictures, I disrupt our vision and an alternative reality comes out”. Far from the green territories of Latin America, she decided to explore, through her project Experience, the notion of hyper connectivity.

When the veil falls

“As we are constantly stimulated by numerous social networks, we have developed a fear of nothingness, Pamela Chemla explains. We are unwilling prisoners of our own entertainment bubble, we see our existence as a lifelong party”. But what do we become, without this constant connexion? Has nothingness become a phobia, feared by our society? In Experience, the photographer questions the notion of identity, crippled by social media. “When the veil falls, reality is just as terrifying”, she tells us.

In a sterilised setting, the models’ still faces are striking. Who are they? Mannequins wearing colourful accessories? Or corpses in a funeral home? They passively oscillate between two realities: the misleading universe of the media, and the void hiding behind their tricks.

© Pamela Chemla