Suffo Moncloa, a 40-year-old Spanish photographer, combines minimalist and poetic images in his book Evidences 17 8 176 8 6. A meditative journey into an everyday life that we no longer look at.

“The images I have gathered in this book bear witness to the presence of spirituality in photography,” says Suffo Moncloa. Known for his fashion photography, this 40-year-old Spanish photographer offers a meditative break with his first book, Evidences 17 8 176 8 6. Light beams, bewitching landscapes and mysterious compositions follow one another in a graphic work. At first glance, a strange silence settles in. Where is he taking us? Whose coloured mass is this? And what do these ghostly cars symbolise? We do not know whether it is men or nature that leads the way in this abstract universe. Suffo Moncloa plays with light, distance and the reader’s perception. His refined images appear as clues, scattered somewhere between Madrid, Paris and Iceland. And the essential is not there because very quickly, the questions fade away and give way to evasion.

“Photography takes time”, the Spanish photographer says. Although he has been practicing photography for 13 years, it took him time to go beyond the apparent reality and get enthusiastic about the beauty of everyday life. He shares with this book “[his] vision of things and [his] way of connecting [his] images with each other. We live in a world saturated with images, all the photos in this book make sense, that’s why I gave each one a title”. A minimalist experience is added to the poetic quest. The flexible book, with its graphic cover, gives a primordial place to the image. The pictures on the right pages face their captions, simply written on the left page. A visual game that rests the mind. The result forms an authentic and peaceful overview, inviting the reader to take a pose. Have a seat, take your time… A delightful graphic journey in which Suffo Moncloa reveals his “intuitive and meditative approach to photography”.

Evidences 17 8 176 8 6, 50 €, 170 p.

© Suffo Moncloa