When Jonathan Higbee discovered New York, he marvelled at the ambiant chaos of the city. His Coincidences, comical and magical pictures, are the result of hundreds of excursions in the streets of the Big Apple.

Jonathan Higbee moved to New York around ten years ago. He was immediately overwhelmed by the gigantic aspect of the American city. The billboards of Times Square, the deafening noise of sirens along the avenues, the smell of hot-dogs coming from street vendors… The photographer got lost into this sensory chaos. “I took my camera out in my neighbourhood, hoping that I would develop a better understanding of this mess by capturing it in photography”, Jonathan explains. Quickly, he took control of this vast urban territory, and became obsessed with capturing slices of moments happening in the streets.

Staging the streets

Patiently, Jonathan Higbee started collecting his Coincidences. A tiresome and meticulous work, dictated by light and people roaming around New York City. “I probably barely make 2 images a month”, the photographer tells us. “To capture them, though, I walk all around the city and look for a special element, like a colourful billboard, or minimal street art, or an interesting shadow that’s cast at a certain time of day… “ His images may seem spontaneous, but Higbee has to take on the role of a film director, observing his stage for hours, to let the magic in. An ambitious work for an artist just starting as a street photographer. “It didn’t really click for me – I was just a fan. Then, I moved to New York and was immediately compelled to begin making my own”, he adds. Coincidences portrays a new king of street photography, adding poetic and comical touches.


© Jonathan Higbee