“Aesthetics is a way to get a message across. A great picture is beautiful and funny. I don’t want to create smooth, purely informative images”, Boris Allin, aka Boby, told us in 2019. He is an outstanding Instagrammer, an unquestionable supporter of the Olympique de Marseille but mostly, an unclassifiable photographer. Boby has definitely established himself as one of the major upcoming personalities in the world of photography. In a cloud of tear gas at a yellow vest protest, backstage at Big Flo & Oli’s concerts, or at a fashion show for Chanel, the photographer from Marseille excels on all fronts. No matter the assignment, the artist succeeds in producing striking and absolutely recognisable images. A certain dexterity, a sharp eye and an unparalleled sense of humour: Boris Allin crystallises all this, Leica in hand, in terribly seductive compositions. But how well do you really know him? The answer lies in his Chinese portrait!

If you were…

One of your own pictures?

My grandmother giving the middle finger (see above).

A dream photoshoot?

The invasion of the Capitol.

An artist?

Iggy Pop dressed as the Pope.

An item of clothing?

The Olympique de Marseille jersey from 1993, with the three stripes.

A legendary animal?

Leonardo from the Teenage Ninja Turtles.

A photographic genre?

Portraitreportage, in one word.

An unusual object?

A gas mask that would turn the smell of tear gas into that of a bacon burger.

Someone to do a collaboration with?

Danny Trejo’s moustache.

A city?

Marseille baby.

An Instagram account?

My best friend’s, @martincolombet to advertise him. Go follow him!

A secret?

I took a picture of Benoit Poolvorde pooping. The only visible version is at my lover’s house.



© Lisou

© Boby