“I’m looking for that slightly scary laughter. A bit like clowns who are both funny and frightening. It is indeed an absurd humour, just like the world around us”, Robin Lopvet, one of our monthly discoveries from April 2021, told us. Photoshop virtuoso, cynical like no one else and terribly funny, the artist bends the codes of photography to create a world of his own. The man who is “famous on the internet for having done the meme of the dog in the sandstorm” removes all traces of credibility from his images and composes obscene scenes. Digital tools override traditional techniques and expand the field of possibilities.

If you were…

One of your pictures?

I would say the self-portrait with the hand which is one of the last ones I made. It’s quite funny and at the same time a bit scary and aggressive, I like the blending of the two.

An iconic photo?

Richard Billingham’s most famous one, the one where his drunken father is throwing a cat. The sadness and absurdity of it speaks to me.

A photographic approach?

Photographing with an aggressive flash on. I like the idea that the light comes from the camera. It’s both a captured moment and something constructed, planned in advance. The image becomes mental.

An artist?

A mix between Caravaggio and Terry Gilliam.

An ideal partner?

Raclette cheese.

A legendary animal?

The Man-bear-pig.

An unusual object?

A blue baguette. It’s a baguette that I painted blue. It appears in some of my creations. I don’t know what it means yet. But it’s there.

A thinker and their quote?

“Don’t believe everything you read on the internet” – Louise Michel

A film?

Le Daim (The Deer ed.) by Quentin Dupieux.

An item of clothing?

A pair of mismatched and very colourful socks.

A lens / a camera?

The Ricoh GR, I’ve been using it for 5 years, it’s the bomb.

An anecdote?

I’m great at table football.

A city?


Self-portrait © Robin Lopvet