Trained as a musician, British artist Max Miechowski turned to photography after a long trip to Southeast Asia. Portraits, documentaries… The artist is now developing a unique aesthetic, characterised by warm tones and a peaceful atmosphere. It is the light that unites his compositions – a natural, sparkling light. Following the path of the sun, he manages to capture its rays, reflecting its comforting warmth in each of his artworks, forming a sensory collection, reminiscent of sweet summer laziness. “My work largely focuses on the people and places directly around me, in a hope to build a picture of my local community and to understand my place within it”, he told us last year. But what are his favourite subjects, his sources of inspiration? Discover them in his Chinese portrait!

If you were…

One of your pictures?

The ticket booth.

A colour?

A very dark green.

An ideal subject?

Someone who understands why I want to photograph them.

A landscape?

A mountain, with a single house nestled in the valley.

A setting to photograph?

Somewhere completely wild, a photograph of nature.

An Instagram account?


A light?


A piece of music?

Duane Pitre‘s Bayou Electric.

An emotion ?


A film ?

Portrait of a lady on fire by Céline Sciamma.

A cultural place?

The British Seaside.

An artist?

Louise Glück.

© Max Miechowski