Polish photographer Maciej Markowicz, 36, is extending his photographic capacities once again by sailing through Europe equipped with his ‘floating camera’. Here, Maciej takes on yet another technical challenge, inserting a camera obscura within his boat.

From pen to paper, with a simple sketch in 2012, Maciej Markowicz has turned what was thought as a mere idea into a innovative creation. A camera in motion. With a fervent interest “for photographies alchemical powers and nonconventional approaches” this photographer has expanded his devotion towards the medium. Experimenting with these traditional cameras and exposures over the years directly on 8×10 coloured paper, this photographer has grasped the art of making exquisite, raw, paper negatives. It was while living in New York that Maciej developed a taste for urban life, bustling commotion enticing him into a new visual perspective. It was one day while on his way home “the idea sprung to mind while on the subway, observing how it was moving and the effect of the lights flickering through“. From there, the concept rapidly evolved throughout his work : starting from a simple bike ride with a classic pinhole camera attached, to a road trip around the United States, with the inside of his old volkswagen van transformed into a darkroom containing a projection of outsides reality. Maciej pushed this idea to it’s fullest with his most recent task: a 13 meters long catamaran.

Next stop : Paris Photo

As a child, Maciej was described in Polish as a “Pedziwiatr”, ‘Roadrunner’ in english. Later in life, this nickname would surface, where he would  throw himself into new waterswithout any knowledge in construction or sailing. Five months down the line and another of his dreams have come true. It was in 2017 that Maciej Markowicz teamed up with  another photographer Claudius Schulze from Hamburg, becoming part of the project 2BOATS, by Ubermüt. While Claudius is focusing on artistic workshops both artists are engaging in new experiences and studies on the way. The artists, on a course around Europe, starting in Amsterdam, stopping in Paris and finishing in Hamburg for the Triennial of Photography. Their message is simple : Slow down, it aims to examine the everyday dynamics of modern life in the city, challenging our perception of time and the urban landscape. Since travelling, Maciej has been getting accustomed to this new style of large scale photography in a calm surrounding, finding himself, once again, in constant motion. Both boats from the project 2BOATS will conclude their first part of their journey at Paris Photo on the 9th to the 12th of November, docked on the Seine, at the Port de Solferino. Open and free for the public from 10am till 6pm. The programme is filled with events from coffee with curators to artist talks. Maciej’s floating camera will be open for visiting, this is an unique opportunity to visit his photographic studio and discover more of the artist artwork. Event here.

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