For its second edition, Venezia Photo – an event dedicated to those who love photography – partnered with Fisheye. Scheduled events include courses, master classes and conference in an idyllic environment!

Venezia Photo, an international creative event, offers 4-day-long photographic courses, featuring both theoretical approach and practical training. Open to all – professional, amateurs, and even beginners – the formations aim at developing the photograph gaze, improve one’s technique, and live intense moments in an idyllic setting: the island of San Servolo, situated in the Venetian Lagoon. An exclusive experience, led by popular photographers.

Among them, Olivier Föllmi, a humanist, specialist of Tibetan culture, and globe-trotter who will dedicate his course to documentary photography. Milanese fashion photographer Oliviero Toscani will teach a strange subject: “to photograph, or to be a photographer?” A philosophical and fascinating approach of the media. Whether he works in colour, black and white, film or even polaroid, Jean-Christophe Béchet is always looking for “the right tool”. In Venezia Photo, he will host a course on Venice’s mysteries. By their sides, Ann Ray, Pascal Maitre, Erwin Olaf, Albert Watson, Nikos Aliagas and many others will host several themed courses. A rich and exciting programme.

Practical informations:

Venezia Photo offers several 4-days packages, at different costs, varying from €990 to €1.500, depending on the accommodation you choose (either none, simple or double bedroom). Each package guarantees an access to “great evenings” – conferences animated by Yann Arthus Betrand (on April 25th) and Paolo Roversi (on May 1st).

As part of the partnership with Fisheye, Venezia Photo offers, this year, a 10% discount code to all: VP19FISHEYE

A contest will be launched as well. The theme and rewards will soon be released on our website. Stay tuned!

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© San Servolo

© Eleonora Palma

Cover picture: © San Servolo