Fisheye gives you a chance to speak during the quarantine. Each week, discover one artist and their images. Spanish photographer Ibai Acevedo, transports his followers to a world where dreams and reality are one.

Can you briefly introduce yourself?

I am a freelance photographer based in Barcelona who likes to explore the boundaries between dream and reality through imagery.

How are you holding up?

I am used to working at home, so my lifestyle has not changed drastically. However, like everyone else, I miss seeing my friends and family. Sometimes days go by, and other times they stretch out endlessly and scare me. I am in a strange state of hibernation, where time has become a blurry concept. I still try to create and not think about the end of this social apnea.

What have you learnt about your photographic practice during this strange period?

The only landscape available to me is my apartment in Barcelona, and it is not photogenic at all… I am learning how to produce images that I like – and my creativity is put to the test with this new constraint.

If you could be quarantined with another photographer, who would it be?

Honestly, nobody comes to mind. The status of “photographer” holds no real importance to me at the moment. I would choose anyone who has an artistic sensitivity and a great sense of humour. We would spend several nights playing guitar and drinking beers.

What is your favourite mantra, to stay optimistic?

“It is okay to have a bad day”

Any last word?

Good luck to everyone, kisses and warm regards!

© Ibai Acevedo