From May 25th to June 22nd 2019, the Fisheye Gallery welcomes Chongqing, sur les quatre rives du temps qui passe. A poetic and social photographic project signed by Cyrus Cornut.

Formed as an architect, Cyrus Cornut, a 41-year-old photographer located at Paris, is interested in urban space and his influence on human behaviors. In 2006, the author exhibited his work on Chinese cities at Arles. In 2011, he documented vegetation’s place in the urban and the relationship between Man and his natural environment. By favoring the view camera, Cyrus Cornut casts a slow, calculated gaze on the world, contrasting with the fast development of the territories he photographs. A unique and philosophical approach to our society.

A staggering growth

In Chongqing, sur les quatre rives du temps qui passe, exhibited at the Fisheye Gallery, the photographer documents a Chinese city threatened by a staggering demographic and economic growth. “The central agglomeration of fifteen million souls assimilates almost 30,000 new arrivals each year“, the author explains. Chongqing has developed rapidly, constructing infrastructure that defy gravity. “The fast speed of urbanization has taken over the slow time of fishermen, the rivers’ erosion and the powerful blossoming of mountains“, he adds. Immersed in a thick fog, the city swells and overflows over rivers and forests. Cyrus Cornut represents it with modesty, between past and present, between tradition and modernization. A ghostly and enchanting series, to be discovered from May 25th 2019.


The opening of the exhibition will take place May 24th 2019 after 6pm. More information on the Facebook event


ChongqingCyrus Cornut

From May 25th to June 22nd 2019

Fisheye Gallery

2 rue de l’Hôpital Saint-Louis, 75010 Paris

© Cyrus Cornut