For the first time at Photo London, the Fisheye Gallery presents four photographers, until the May 19th. They reflect our vision of contemporary photography, and demonstrate that Fisheye is always looking to push the limits of the 8th art.

Ever since its beginnings in 2016, the Fisheye Gallery has been supporting authors of contemporary photography that offer a unique gaze on the world. Therefore, it is honored to present to the public of Photo London 2019 the works of Delphine Diallo, Anna Filipova, Zhen Shiet and Stéphane Lavoué.

Delphine Diallo‘s feminist saga, Anna Fillipova‘s extreme landscapes or even the photographic tales of Stéphane Lavoué…The Fisheye Gallery explores every possible contemporary fields.

© Delphine Diallo, courtesy Fisheye Gallery

© Stéphane Lavoué, courtesy Fisheye Gallery

© Anna Filipova

Image d’ouverture © Anna Filipova