Since April 15th, the series of conferences dedicated to women photographers launched by Guerlain has been in full swing. You missed the live shows? Replays are available on Maison Guerlain’s website. Today, we’re focusing on Marie Rouge.

Each year, Maison Guerlain hosts a photographic exhibition. Fourteen women photographers were chosen and highlighted in the 2021 edition – a collective exhibition called Femmes en regard. Fourteen internationally renowned artists and leading figures in contemporary photography. To go further, Guerlain launched a series of conferences on April 15th, hosted by Anaïs Viand, Fisheye’s web editor-in-chief. Every Thursday at 6:30 pm, she interviews some of the exhibited photographers. For nearly an hour, the artists talk about their career, their favourite images and their aesthetic choices. They revisit their most memorable shoots and question their status as women in the world of photography. Following in Valérie Belin and Charlotte Abramow’s footsteps, Marie Rouge took the floor on April, 29th.

Marie Rouge, 29, started photography at the age of 15, taking self-portraits with her father’s camera. It was a good way to tame my image and learn to accept myself, like any teenager would”, she recalls. Photos of LGBTQIA+ parties, portraits of personalities, images taken on the spot in demonstrations, commissions… The artist always places mankind at the heart of her many projects. Known for her kindness, she manages to establish a bond with each of her models, and reveals, with accuracy, their true face. I believe that people end up bowing to my voice and my gentleness”, she adds. And, through her creations, Marie Rouge manages to convey her ideals, to advocate tolerance, and to elevate minorities. Instagram drowns us in all these images. But there are still some that stand out, that make an impression on people and that shakes things up. It’s up to us photographers to continue working with our values. To be activists”, she tells us.


Available to all, the conferences’ replays can be found on Guerlain’s website. To watch the interview with Marie Rouge, click here!



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