As part of the exhibition Femmes en regard, Guerlain has launched a series of conferences dedicated to women photographers on April 15th which are available on replay on its website. Let’s take a look back at the exchange with Charlotte Abramow!

Every year, the maison Guerlain hosts an exhibition dedicated to photography. For this 2021 edition they have chosen to highlight fourteen women photographers, at the heart of the Femmes en regard exhibition. These are internationally renowned artists who have helped shape contemporary photography. In parallel with this exhibition, Guerlain launched a series of conferences on April 15th 2021, hosted by Anaïs Viand, Fisheye’s web editor-in-chief. Every Thursday at 6:30 pm, she talks with the exhibited artists and go over their careers, their passion, their aesthetics and their stories. From their first steps in the photographic world, to the obstacles they had to overcome and the artists who have inspired them, these events invite the public to immerse themselves in their universes, while getting to know them better. After launching the conference cycle with Valérie Belin’s, let’s focus on Charlotte Abramow, whose interview took place on April 22nd.

Charlotte Abramow began to experiment with photography – and with bodies – with her friends, as a teenager. In 2013, she entered the Gobelins school of photography and discovered the studio; a place where she was able to put her overflowing imagination to good use. “When I saw images of women, I noticed this kind of seduction, desire (…) I wanted to bring more complicity, authenticity, honesty, naturalness to get rid of the male gaze, and get out of this prism of desirable body”, she explains, during the exchange. Photography, video, commissions for brands, deeply intimate works… Since then, the photographer has multiplied the mediums and supports to spread her female gaze and her feminist ideals. A playful and committed work, which shakes up both codes and clichés.


Available to all, the conferences’ replays can be found on Guerlain’s website. To watch the interview with Charlotte Abramow, click here!



© Charlotte Abramow