“To me, black and white photography is timeless and powerful! It is difficult to master, contrary to what people might believe, because there is no colour to help evoke emotions in the image”, Axel Morin tells us.

This photographer, video maker, and artistic director was already featured in a portfolio in Fisheye #19, 3 years ago. At the time, he focused on street photography, colour and urban cultures. “I like to share experiences with people, to stride across the streets for hours on end, to feel a city’s energy, to observe my daily environment, to immortalise time and special moments that remind me of things. I draw my inspiration from it every day, it is like a living painting”, he adds, although now more interested in the fashion world.

He took this issue’s cover picture while taking a break between two photoshoots. The image features model Uèle Lamore (@uele_lamore), a conductor and composer he did not know until he photographed. A photo taken with a small film camera that never leaves his side. “I often leave rolls of films in my drawers and develop them long after, the photographer explains. I came across this picture, and instinctively, I started editing it. The result is an illustration of my mindset at the time. I am a very intuitive person, and my work evolves freely, changes occurring naturally.” Alex Morin graduated from the Paris Institut supérieur des arts appliqués (Lisaa), and became an artistic director in 2008. He then pursued a career as a photographer and video maker for fashion magazines and brands which appreciate the energy of his images – both in colour and in black and white.

Video : © Nina Peyrachon

© Axel Morin