When she discovered photography at 16, in her school’s photo lab, Daniela Muttini was immediately seduced by the chemistry behind film photography, and has not diverted from it since.

As a self-taught photographer, she started producing traditional black and white images of her friends, but as time went by, she began creating settings, using a jumble of objects she hoarded. “Some theatrical productions in colours, most of them representing women, with a preference for strange characters, evoking paintings”, she adds. We are bombarded with images in our everyday lives, but I think there should always be something special, weird and unique in each picture, to draw attention. Something out of the ordinary.”

A testimony which influenced the making of the image in the front page of our issue. Daniela Muttini wishes to shatter “the image of the virginal, yet slutty woman, still very much present in the Latin society”. From Lima, Peru, the photographer moved to Madrid, Spain, a few years ago. At 30, she is still partial to medium-format analogue photography and view camera. She continued her exploration of the media through a formation at EFTI (the School of photography and cinema of Madrid), in 2017.  Today, she keeps experimenting with techniques such as wet collodion, and still loves the manual and artisanal dimension of photography.

Video : © Nina Peyrachon

© Daniela Muttini