Beyond the lens of Corey Olsen, a 28 year-old New York based photographer, we discover still lifes shot in his garage, everyday objects oscillating between fashion aesthetics and vernacular practices. A strange and colourful universe.

His light-saturated images turn everyday objects into unique riddles, like blocks of colours which no longer bear any perspective. His humour towards American suburbs, and cutting irony to stock images intrigued us. Caps, lemons, ladder, flowing shirt, or coloured contact lenses… Each of his pictures act like a bright haiku questioning our perception. Corey Olsen grew up in Maine, studied at the School of Visual Arts of New York and graduated in 2014. He now lives and works in Brooklyn, where he produces portraits, landscapes and still lifes. His pictures were exhibited in several countries, and, more recently, at the New York gallery Julie Saul, after the release of his first monograph, Garage Still Lifes, published by Silent Sound.

© Corey Olsen

Video © Nina Peyrachon