This is how he communicates. Without words, with his gaze only. This is also the first picture where Moro revealed himself  38 year-old Pixy Liao says about the picture of our cover, called Hush, Baby. Pixy started as a graphic designer, but turned to photography for more freedom. It all clicked when she saw the film Blow-Up. The young Chinese woman learnt photography in Memphis, United States. Since 2007 she has been taking pictures of her boyfriend, Moro, in symbolical positions. ‘At first, I just wanted to justify our relationship. The more I focused on this project, the more I knew I needed to try to understand relationships in general’ she explains, about her series Experimental Relationship. ‘Interpersonal relations are too limited, I wanted to have fun, to live new experiences’, Pixy adds. By upsetting the norms of heterosexual relations, she questions the stereotypical roles of men and women, and the notion of power in relationships. Her pictures have been published in several countries : China, United States, England, Australia, Taiwan, South Korea, Netherlands, Lebanon. To celebrate the ten year anniversary of her project Experimental Relationship, Pixy will be releasing her first photo book next April. Meanwhile, she finishes her third album with Moro, as she is a singer , singing in her band Pimo, as well as a photographer.




© Pixy Liao

Video : Nina Peyrachon