Yanmei Jiang et Wenjun Chen, a pair of Chinese photographers, chose to capture their everyday life. Through Me and Me, their project launched in 2007, they have been exploring the scope of human relations. An intimate and spontaneous story.

Love, curiosity, and quest of freedom are the themes emanating from this work entitled Me and Me. The authors are a couple of Chinese artists, exploring human relationships. Yanmei Jiang and Wenjun Chen met at university. They started practicing and appreciating photography at that time. Today, it has become a vital tool which helps the duo function. “Photography has turned out to be a useful tool, helping us to communicate in our relationship”, Wenjun tells us.

Since 2007, the couple has been documenting their everyday lives. “It is like a game. We treat each other like the subject of a photographic experimentation”, the two artists add. “We take mostly self-portraits. It is a way to get to know each other better. Self-portrait may also be a way to clarify our thoughts”, they say. True personal quest, Me and Me also tells a love story. In 2016, the two partners decided to compile their images in a book associating texts and dialogues to images. We thus get immersed into their little peace of heaven, into their intimacy. Proposals, warm portraits, and bizarre images punctuate this multilayered series. A way to legitimate their relationship to the body, as well as their own, as partners. “A body is a full-part medium. It contains information on our physical and mental state”, the duo tells us. A precious theme which inspired many Chinese photographers.

© Yanmei Jiang & Wenjun Chen