The young Charlotte Abramow – only 24 years old – has no limits and keeps succeeding in everything she undertakes: personal projects, fashion shoots, music videos… Her quirky vision takes on the human body with humour and tenderness.

Whether she is photographing the transformations of adolescence, in Metamorphosis, the timeless beauty of a 74 year-old woman, in Claudette, whether she creates a masculine version of Ingres in Le Grand Odalisque, or she stages the contorsions of a half-naked body in Équilibre instable (Unstable balance, ed.), Charlotte Abramow’s gaze is always tender, tainted by her playful approach. On top of that, the young artist works for Fashion magazines, designs the next poster for the Salon de la photo, takes pictures of her friends’ breasts, comparing them to fruits, and direct music videos, like George Brassens’ Les Passantes, released on International Woman’s day, last March 8th. “I like casting a new light on the human body: that of curiosity. I want people to be surprised by it, like a new beginning. To play with it, To see it like a friend, whom you can laugh with, to experiment visually with it, to marvel at his contorsions, his accidents. I also want to see the body like an abstract landscape. In any case, I want to scatter the notions of seduction and desire, and let go of the pressure we put on it. Photographing people’s bodies is like entering their intimacy, this is when a playful and humorous approach to the flesh can be born, because we experience it together”.

Born in 1993 in Brusells, Charlotte Abramow followed a first internship at the Rencontres d’Arles, in 2010, with Paolo Roversi, who told us she “always shows willingness, is full of energy and is a warrior”. In 2013, she was accepted into Gobelins, the School of Image, and won the Picto price of young Fashion photographer the following year, she then graduated in 2015. She is now working on a book and an exhibition called Maurice. This series, dedicated to her father – who learnt, in 2011, at the age of 79, that he had cancer – follows this whimsical character across his illness all the way to his recovery.



© Charlotte Abramow

Video : Nina Peyrachon