The Art Paris Art Fair for modern and contemporary art, celebrates this year its 20th anniversary. Open to all forms of expressions, a place of honour is given, every year, to international creation. An event to discover at Paris’s Grand Palais, from April 5th to 8th, passing by Fisheye’s stand.

Since its creation in 1999, Art Paris Art Fair has taken its role to represent all forms of art very seriously, from video to design, to painting and photography. For its 2018 edition, 142 art galleries, coming from 23 countries will be represented under the Grand Palais’s canopy. Among them, representatives of new horizons, such as the Canadian Christopher Cutts Gallery, or the Czech Cermak Eisenkraft Gallery. An international door, helping us discover absolute treasures, and the occasion for Fisheye to be in the place, starting a new partnership with the fair.

Switzerland is the guest of honour of this 20th edition. Carried by a prolific and humorous scene, the country brought to Paris a selection of artists, from various cultures and inspirations. By choosing a nation at the crossroads of Europe, Art Paris Art Fair chose to encourage dialogues between artists, and to stress the importance of mixed influences. This edition, organised by art historian and curator Karine Tissot, will highlight the complexity of the Swiss scene through several events, including a selection of a hundred modern artists, a video program to be broadcast inside the Project Room, and a virtual show to be projected on the outside walls.

Todd Hido: mystery and fascination

Let us shed light on a rising star of photography. He is the guest of La Galerie Particulière, and one of the headliners of the Fair, this year. Todd Hido and his dark, mist-coated images, catch the viewer’s attention. The artist draws from cinema and literature to create his pictures and to suggest to his audience blurred drafts of scenarios. Mystery reigns over Todd’s strange world, oscillating between fiction and reality. His portraits are dreamy, taken in the middle of a soothing transe, and his deserted landscapes evoke a sense of wonderment. A suffocating, yet empty universe, lit by the artificial lights of neons, taking us into a post-apocalyptic world filled with multiple storylines.

La Galerie Particulière : © Todd Hido

ON/Gallery : © Shen Wei

ON/Gallery : © Liu Tao

Galerie Rabouan Moussion : © Tania Mouraud

Cover picture : © Todd Hido