Here is a best of articles published in 2018 on Fisheyes website. Happy new year from the redaction team!


The power of women, Kate Sweeney 

American portraitist Kate Sweeney captures the raw beauty of women. Her bright and colourful images enhance the diversity of bodies and offer a new vision of nudity.

© Kate Sweeney

Cause I’m a man, Emma Birski

“Noé was born in the wrong body and has been trying to fix nature’s mistake ever since”. For two months, Emma Birski, 21, captured her transgender brother, as he reconciled with his body. With Cause I’m a man, she signs a project made of allegories.

© Emma Birski

Boda Boda Madness, Jan Hoek

Jan Hoek takes photographs to bond with people. The Dutch artist is interested in the unexpected, revealing itself during a shooting. With Boda Boda Madness, he presents surreal portraits of motorcycle-taxi drivers in Nairobi.

© Jan Hoek

Trois portfolios

 Aïthō (I burn)Adeline Care

French photographer Adeline Care, likes to conceive series at the borders of reality and fiction. When she discovered the basaltic landscapes of Etna, and the impossibility that any life form may ever be born there, she imagined what the extinction of the human race would be like.

© Adeline Care

Europea, Joakim Kocjancic

“This is my story. This is my Europe, a dreamlike journey through the European capitals and urban landscapes”, Joakim Kocjancic tells us. With his images, he builds a new European city, where borders have ceased to exist, and humanity prevails.

© Joakim Kocjancic

ProvinceNazar Furуk 

Nazar Furyk regularly returns to Kolomya, his hometown in western Ukraine. There, he documents the contrasts between cities and small towns, and the lives of the youth. Trained as a photojournalist, this series is a return to his roots. As he loves to tell story we are not used to hearing, he photographed his friends, his “heroes” in a realistic environment.

© Nazar Furуk 


Kochan, Alessandra Calò

Italian photographer Alessandra Calò, presented her series Kochan at the Festival Circulation(s). A hybrid work, where drawing meets photography to form a poetic and intimate exploration.

© Alessandra Calò

Céline Bodin

28-year-old French photographer Céline Bodin, specialises in portraits. Her series cover a variety of themes and question the notion of gender and the habits of Western culture. Interview with a passionate artist.

© Céline Bodin

Corinne Mercadier

We discovered the work of photographer Corinne Mercadier through the multidisciplinary exhibition Comme une histoire… Le Havre (Like a Story… The Havre, ed.) at the MuMA. The artist displayed there her Carré Lunaire (Lunar Square, ed.), a tryptic revealing her timeless and silent universe.

Carré Lunaire 3

© Corinne Mercadier


Ango, Sakiko Nomura

Sakiko Nomura signs, with Ango, a beautiful and monochrome book whose painful narrative was inspired by the Second World War and Ango Sakaguchi’s short story, One woman and the war.

©︎ Sakiko Nomura
©︎ Sakiko Nomura

© Sakiko Nomura

The American Fraternity, Andrew Moisey

When his brother entered an American fraternity, photographer Andrew Moisey discovered a secret universe. For seven years, he captured the daily lives of those young men. He released The American Fraternity, a frightening yet fascinating tale.

© Andrew Moisey

Noces ou Les Confins sauvages, Hélène David

Magical realism. This is how one may define Hélène David’s work. In her book Noces ou Les Confins sauvages (A wedding, or The Wild Borders, ed.), photographs dialogue with 3D drawings and poems. A dive into the mysterious and wild universe of the Mediterranean Sea.

© Hélène David / Picturetank

© Hélène David

Image d’ouverture © Kate Sweeney