You want to be part of the photographers exhibited at the 2019 edition of Festival Circulation(s)? You have until September, 16th to apply!

Each year, the Festival Circulation(s) dedicates his programme to the diversity of European photography. Since its creation, in 2011, 225 artists were exhibited. A true springboard for emerging talents. The festival has managed to take a special place in the European artistic movement, and has attracted a wide audience over the years.

The call for applications is open to all European photographers, or photographers residing in Europe, with no age restrictions.

How to participate ?

You simply must sign up and upload your file online, on the festival’s website.

The file must be sent in ZIP format, and contain:

  • A portfolio of 15 images (in jpeg format, 72 dpi, 800 pixels minimum). The images must be named: name_number.jpg
  • A biography of roughly 300 signs (spaces excluded), in French or English, in pdf.
  • A text about the presented series, of roughly 500 signs (spaces excluded), in French or English, in pdf.

Please, note that a fee of 25€ will be asked of you for your submission.

You have until September, 16th, midnight, to apply. The photographers will be selected by a jury who will gather at the end of October.

More information of Circulation(s)’s website.

© Guillaume Hebert

© María Moldes

© Alessandra Calo

© Maia Flore