Fast Forward, a research project dedicated to women photographers, will organise during the 2020 edition of the Tbilissi Photo Festival, a conference focusing on their works in countries affected by conflict. Do you want to take part in the debate? Send out your paper before May 15th.

Initiated in 2014, at Tate Modern, the research project Fast Forward: Women in Photography wishes to explore the history and work of women photographers, while promoting opportunities in the field of photography. After seeing through three conferences in the United Kingdom and Lithuania, Fast Forward is now preparing for a fourth event in Georgia, during the 11th edition of Tbilisi Photo Festival. The theme? The ways that women photographers have worked in countries affected by conflict. How do they managed to document these territories in crisis, as the violation of women’s right is one of the prominent aspects of them? Although many of them have captured struggles in Armenia, Iran, or even the Persian Gulf countries, their contribution if often omitted. By opening this call for paper, the conference wishes to highlight this little-researched area.

How to participate?

Photographers, scholars, curators and editors are invited to send their papers. The organisers are encouraging authors from the following countries to participate: South Caucasus, Ukraine, Israel, Iran, Iraq, Palestine, Persian Gulf countries, Jordan, Afghanistan, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.

The participants will have to write a paper in English exploring (but not limited to) the questions:

  • How do women photographers (re)shape our understanding of conflict?
  • To what extent does gender influence photography practice which deals with conflict and its aftermath?
  • How can we adjust photographic history, to encompass non-Western work by women photographers?
  • In which ways have women’s photographic documentation of human rights violations contributed to social justice?

You have until May 15th to submit your paper. Your file must be composed of:

  • A 500 word abstract from your work in Word format, no image (it must be named Surname_Initial of your first name_abstract)
  • A CV in Word or PDF format, no image (to be named Surname_Initial of your first name_CV)

The file must be sent to: (with the following subject line: Georgian Edition – submission)

The selected participants will take part in the conference. All travel-related fees will be reimbursed.


You can find more information here

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