The Getxophoto festival, dedicated to the image, will inhabit the city’s public space from September 5th to 30th. The event presents a dialogue with the general public, by displaying images on walls, parks, or even abandoned places. For this 2018 edition, the curator Monica Allenda – also a creative director and an educator – is put under the spotlight. Under her direction, Getxophoto studies the notion of conflict, and its aftermaths, the drama and the reconstruction of a dialogue in a still traumatised world. This year, the festival will explore the emergence of ideas, of relationships, of struggles and tensions, caused by the rebirth of a weakened universe. A conflict causing tensions between human beings, and between men and nature. A universal theme, inspiring photographers from all over the world – Julián Barón (Spain), Luca Locatelli (Italie, Chow and Lin (Malaysa and Singapore), or even Yoshinori Mizutani (Japan).

© Erik Kessels & Thomas Mailaender

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