Dirk Braekman

Exhibition Venice From 13 May to 26 November

Of all the black and white

Exhibition Luxembourg From 19 September to 18 September


Exhibition Luxembourg From 19 September to 29 September

Bright Light

Exposition Faro From 12 May to 22 July

Vladimír Ambroz : Actions

Exposition À Prague From 30 January to 29 April

Ed Van Der Elksen

Exhibition À Madrid From 25 January to 20 May

Low Density Polyethylene

Exposition À Moscou From 31 January to 15 April

Still Burning

Exposition Los Angeles From 24 February to 7 April

Untitled (cowboy)

Exhibition Los Angeles From 3 December to 25 March

Why Color?

Exhibition Berlin From 9 December to 11 March

Princesses of Sheba at night

Exhibition Amsterdam From 11 January to 18 March

Lynn Stern

Exhibition New York From 30 November to 22 December


Exhibition London From 2 November to 22 December

Roxane II

Exhibition Cape Town From 30 December to 13 January

Heroic Times

Exhibition New York From 14 December to 27 January

You an orchestra you a bomb

Exhibition New York From 7 December to 27 January


Exhibition Paris From 12 January to 17 March

The Experimental Self: Edvard Munch’s Photography

Exhibition New York From 21 November to 5 March


Exhibition Paris From 27 October to 27 January

Jeff Mermelstein – SideWalk

Exhibition Cologne From 6 December to 17 February

Jill Freedman: Resurrection City, 1968

Exhibition New York From 26 October to 22 December