Cortona, Tuscany, Italy From 13 July to 1 October

Foam talent

Exhibition Amsterdam From 1 September to 12 November


Exhibition Lyon From 16 September to 10 November

L’association C’était Où? C’était Quand?

Exhibition Luxembourg From 18 May to 17 May

Undressed. Unseen. Pool Party

Exhibition Berlin From 3 July to 19 November

In Our Time

Exhibition London From 21 September to 3 November

The place where I live

Barcelona From 14 September to 31 October

Dirk Braekman

Exhibition Venice From 13 May to 26 November

I Fought the Law

Exhibition New York From 14 September to 21 October


New York From 18 September to 24 September

Roger Ballen

Exhibition Switzerland From 25 August to 18 November

James Herbert

Exhibition New York From 7 September to 4 November

That’s punk!

Exhibition Galerie &co119 From 16 May to 8 July


Exhibition Times Square From 1 June to 30 June

Beyond waters

Museoteatro della Commenda di Prè From 7 July to 7 September