A glimpse of a childhood memory, a summer night, a huge playground in front of his house, and a kid looking for fireflies. Anupam Diwan, a young Indian photographer, follows glowing specks in the night in order to bring back his memories.

“My work is about a search… For fireflies.”  Anupam Diwan portrays the objects that darkness allows to shine. “The night gives a different character to things” he tells us. In Pune, Maharashtra, he started using a camera at a very young age. In his city there was no exposure to photography, he says, so he started studying engineering. “But there was always something inside me, a wild animal that wanted to come out: an intimate need to tell stories”. He moved to Bangladesh, to study photography. His pictures have the vivid colors and the mystery of a child’s night out.


Images from « Fireflies » © Anupam Diwan