At first, the Yokohama project was the story of Giada Ripa’s family and her ancestress Mathilde Ruinart de Brimont. The starting point is a photo album, composed of ancient photographies outstanding past 150 years, recovered by the artist Giada Ripa in her house in  Piemont, Italy. Giada Ripa decided to follow the marks of her ancestor and Felice Beato. She flies away Japan with the envy to understand the country through her aim, 150 years later.  From this trip born the exhibition « The Yokohama Project 1867 – 2017 », structured in two chapters that crossing her contemporain work of photographer with a double approach of archives and anthropology. Through her westerner photographic eye  she looking for establishing a link between pictures of Felice Beato from the 1860’s and the figure of her ancestress. With their respectives  attempts , she identifies the local and contemporain analogies to bring the reflexion on the transformations of the society and the land of Yokohama and its surrounding. For a constant round trip between past and present, Giada Ripa crosses, cuts up and collects the western representations of the japan of yesterday which  can exist again  today.

Photo by © Giada Ripa

Galerie Danysz – 78 rue Amelot, Paris