Children are very sensitive to their surroundings. Constantly understanding more and perceiving different things. Streets are a perfect example of their learning perceptions, where it is out of their comfort zone yet still familiar. When children are asked to draw they often reproduce pictures of objects and people well-known to them. That is why Raúl Kalesniks work is at the same time touching and alarming. This photographer/artist focuses on making point of the excessive burden of violence in Mexico. By involving children- tomorrow’s future, with modern-day’s corrupt society it raises an alarm. Raúl Kalesniks use of  of children’s drawings depicting war, crime, murder and death on real life photos of varied landscapes of streets, creates an interesting collage. This social awareness creates an outstanding collection of photos while the mixture of childrens colouring pens and the bright paint of Mexican house’s merge perfectly together. The exhibition shows a raw reality and a potential gritty future displayed in the hustling city of Barcelona.