In this photographic series, Sassen and her muse Roxane Danset continue writing the shared visual journal they began in 2012. In an introductory poem, Maria Barnas captures the spirit of the work as she writes: ‘When I take a glance at our selves I hold my breath and see us expand in colours and clouds bursting from a mouth. Are they yours or mine?’. The series presents a dynamic range of poses, moods and movements, making full use of the suggestive nature of shadow, the abstracting potential of ambiguous props and the power of painterly gestures. Sassen has often been described as a creative polymath and this aspect is clearly in evidence here. Emphasising exploration and play, Sassen enhances perceptions of shape by adding pigment onto prints and re-photographing them. She vivifies the surface using bold brushstrokes and fine lines, suggesting a new lexicon of geometries and forms.

© Vivianne Sassen

Stevenson –  Buchanan Building, 160 Sir Lowry Road, Woodstock 7925, Cape Town