Roger Ballens work is a mixture between a puppet show, photography and Theatre of the Absurd. Through his black and white minimalistic works, a double-take is needed to understand his work is wholly photography. With clear inspirations stemming from surrealism, a playful uneasiness is designed through a variety of props, unusual subjects and an ‘art-brut’ art form. To establish a distinct meaning from his works would be cheating: ‘The images I create, I create not to inform’. His photographs evoke young, distilled childhood memories out of a dream. Hallucinations, visions, a stunned state of the mind that verge on nightmares are what come to mind when visioning these strange yet enticing images. The self-taught photographer shows a large amount of originality creating an exhibition to fuel all dark cravings.

© Roger Ballen

GALERIE KARSTEN GREVE AG ST. MORITZ Via Maistra 4, 7500 St. Moritz, Switzerland