This photo series tells the story of six young homosexuals of Muslim religion or culture, based in Marseilles.  Each story is special, but a common desire unites them to embrace a crucial experience: together, they are able to reveal their homosexuality and cross-dressing identities to the world, without suffering the verbal and physical abuse they usually face when alone. Each tells a story with pride, softness and honesty, sharing their lives, fears, joys, desires, and dreams for the future. This exhibition is the first stage of « LOTHEIDOSCOPE », a documentary project on homosexuality and Islam across Europe. One of the challenges is to create a dynamic of dialogues and exchanges in the continuing battle against homophobia and social seclusion at European level. The next series of portraits is in progress in Amsterdam, in partnership with Dutch LGBT associations. Then will come Berlin, Copenhagen 

@Jean-Christophe Husson et Delphine Gubert

IHLIA LGBT Heritage – 3rd floor, OBA Amsterdam Public Library, Oosterdokskade 143, Amsterdam, Netherlands