Piero Martinello has travelled through Italy looking for men and women who, each in their own way and for their own reasons, have adopted radical values and ways of life. Town fools, saints and worshippers, Mafia gangs, cloistered nuns, ecstatic ravers: All embody different life trajectories outside of norms and conventions. Designed like a mosaic of family pictures. In this gallery of portraits, photography is presented in a purely artistic form as well as in a more vernacular one, e.g. passport photos, holy cards and mugshots. Through a disparate presentation featuring a multitude of heterogeneous frames, the photographer revives a certain imagery of Italian folklore and thus reconnects his subjects with the community. Following a quirky trail of portraits, taken from his from his book Radical, an interesting outlook on Italy and society develops.

Photo by © Piero Martinello

Images Vevey – Place de la Gare 3/ 1800 Vevey, Switzerland