Photography is reaching a bigger audience. In large containers, keeping that Brooklyn spirit, this photogenic area in itself is almost as inspiring as the photos exhibited themselves. This free, outdoor festival entices a number of groups from families, friends to high school students. Photography is once again bringing people together in the trendiest of surroundings, bringing a modern feel to the photos. From social, cultural and contemporary photographs, world-wide photography is show at it’s best. A variety of activities are offered from everything from exhibitions and walking tours to Education Day. Open over two weekends an influx of interest is brought from all over the globe to discover the young festival. Since 2012 the festival has expanded at a rapid rate being quoted firstly as a ‘country fair for photography’ and has now received the status as ‘perhaps the premier photo festival in New york city’. With summer ending, what better way to make the most of the last rays of sunshine in America.

Photo taken by © Stephanie Keith

Photoville – Brooklyn Bridge Plaza, New York, America