In the era of speed traveling, Massimiliano Camellini shows us something that we don’t know, or that we forgot about. Cargo vessels still sail the oceans for days and days, carrying a pilgrim crew. The Italian photographer enters these boats, and captures the settings of the sailors’ daily life. He identifies, through objects, symbols and small tokens, the attempt to reconstruct a daily life that has been lost, a sense of stability within a constantly moving platform. His pictures are back lit, in a deliberate attempt not to identify the surroundings of these a-geographical spaces. Portrayed in the absence of their inhabitants, the cabins represent the people’s need to create a shell in the middle of the sea. The gallery where Al di là dell’ acqua  will be exhibited, overlooks Genova’s old port, in a dialogue between photography and reality.

Cabin n 1, Jolly Cristallo © Massimiliano Camellini, Courtesy of BAG GALLERY

Piazza della Commenda, 16126 Genova, ITALY